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How to gain more visiblity into your Github Projects using Scope

Learn how you can get a quick bird's eye view of your project.
written byDavid Wells

Announcing OpenWhisk Integration with the Serverless Framework

The new OpenWhisk provider plugin allows developers to build applications for the OpenWhisk cloud platform using the Serverless Framework.
written byServerless Team

Introducing OpenWhisk support, Python for invoke local in Serverless Framework v1.6

Launching multi-provider support with the OpenWhisk provider plugin, Python for invoke local in the Serverless Framework v1.6 release.
written byPhilipp Müns

A Serverless Weatherclock To Monitor My Favorite Kiteboarding Spot At The Lake

This post illustrates how I use Serverless to update a `windclock` that shows me the wind speed and direction at my favorite kiteboarding spot.
written byDouwe Homans

Talking Serverless Framework Features & How To Use Them in a Webinar with Cloud Academy

Serverless CEO Austen Collins chats with Cloud Academy about new framework features and gives an overview of basic application lifecycle management with Serverless.
written byServerless Team

IoT event support, Cognito user pool authorizer & install service with a name in Serverless Framework v1.5

IoT event support, Cognito user pool authorizer and the ability to install your service with a name in the Serverless Framework v1.5 release.
written byPhilipp Müns

Scaling Email Marketing to Infinity & Beyond by Going Serverless

Get a sneak peek at how MoonMail designed their serverless architecture for an infinitely scalable open source email marketing app in this guest post.
written byCarlos Castellanos

How To Write Your First Plugin For The Serverless Framework

Learn the basics of creating a Serverless plugin to extend the frameworks functionality
written byAnna Doubkova

How Shifter Introduced Serverless Hosting to WordPress Using AWS, DynamoDB & the Serverless Framework

Learn how Shifter transforms WordPress blogs and websites into static sites to make them faster, more secure and scalable in this guest post.
written byShifter

Talking re:Invent & the Latest Serverless Framework Features in the Dec. 8th Office Hours Live Video Recording

Developer Evangelist David Wells & Core Framework Engineer Eslam Hefnawy recap Lambda announcements from re:Invent and answer questions in the 2nd edition of Serverless Office Hours.
written byServerless Team

C# service template, Alexa event support, service-wide metrics in Serverless Framework v1.4

Introducing C# service template, Alexa event support, service-wide metrics & more in Serverless Framework v1.4
written byPhilipp Müns

How to Create a Fast, Secure, and Scalable Open Source Blog with React + Markdown

How serverless used to create a fast, secure, and scalable open source blog powered by React & Markdown
written byDavid Wells

2016 AWS re:Invent Recap - Serverless Christmas came early

A recap of serverless news from AWS re:Invent 2016 and why it matters.
written byNick Gottlieb

Function metrics, easier AWS credential setup, and Lambda versioning in Serverless Framework v1.3

Function metrics, easier AWS credential setup, and Lambda versioning now available in Serverless v1.3
written byPhilipp Müns

How To Build A Serverless Notification System on AWS

Guest author Diego Zanon writes about building a serverless notification system for browsers using the Serverless Framework and AWS IoT.
written byDiego Zanon

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