Talking Serverless Framework Features & How To Use Them in a Webinar with Cloud Academy

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Serverless CEO Austen Collins recently had the chance to connect with Cloud Academy to chat about new framework features, give an overview of basic application lifecycle management with Serverless and answer questions from the community.

#The webinar includes:

  • What the Serverless Framework does & how you can use it
  • New Lambda features
  • Use cases
  • A demo of how to get started creating & deploying Serverless services
  • Plus more!

#Check out the video below along with these other resources to help you get started with Serverless.

  • Serverless Examples Repo - A collection of boilerplates for pre-made Serverless services submitted by the Serverless team and community
  • Serverless Plugins Repo - Extend the framework with these plugins from the community
  • Serverless Docs - Dive deeper into how to use the framework by reading the Serverless Docs
  • Serverless Forum - A great place to ask questions and connect with other devs using the Serverless Framework

#Watch Here:


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